Projekt elektromobilita


CEZ Group is one of the largest energy groups operating in the markets of Central and Southeastern Europe. We have been systematically focusing on electromobility since 2009. We operate the largest network of public charging stations across the Czech Republic.


Electromobility is logically a major topic and opportunity for us. Electromobility is logically a major topic and opportunity for us. Not only do electric vehicles run on electricity that we generate, distribute and supply to end customers, but their development also closely affects the energy segment in terms of the technologies and services we offer.

We therefore see electromobility not as a threat, but as an opportunity for our future development.

We believe that electro-mobility will gradually become a mainstream part of road transport and that the number of electric vehicles will increase sharply in the coming years. According to official estimates, there could be up to a quarter of a million electric vehicles on the streets by 2030. This will be matched by demand for public charging.

The growing importance of electromobility is illustrated by the attention paid to it both at the EU level and within the Czech Republic. The strategy in this area is defined by the National Action Plan for Clean Mobility (NAP ČM), which has recently been updated and which, in addition to its objectives, contains a number of measures and instruments for their implementation in all key segments of road transport.


The increasing number of electric vehicles on the streets induces a demand for related service products. In addition to public charging, CEZ Group offers a wide range of solutions for companies, municipalities, and larger companies (through ČEZ ESCO), as well as for households and retail customers (through ČEZ Prodej).

The range of our solutions, which often have a broader scope, and where we cooperate with a number of partners to deliver them, is wide enough to satisfy everyone.


We strive to be a key player in electromobility in the Czech market with an appropriate range of solutions and services for all customer groups.

Our charging infrastructure will be built on modern and reliable technologies, will be in line with technological trends and will offer customers optimal opportunities for charging their e-cars. We want to be the first choice for our customers.