24. 11. 2021

Information on reduced prices for charging due to waiver of VAT.

On the basis of the decision on the waiver of value added tax due to an extraordinary event, we are reducing all prices for charging by the amount of VAT from 1st November 2021 to 31st December 2021.

3. 8. 2021

ORLEN Unipetrol and ČEZ quickly expand Benzina ORLEN’s offer with electricity. The 30th fast-charging station is in Jihlava

The ORLEN Unipetrol Group continues expanding the offer of its Benzina ORLEN network with electricity from fast-charging stations. They can recharge e-car batteries with zero-emission electricity in tens of minutes. In addition, Benzina ORLEN offers eco-friendly energy from ČEZ green stations in ten regions throughout the Czech Republic. Last year, drivers charged up with as much energy as would enable 40 trips around the world.

27. 7. 2021

The first step to towards the construction of the Gigafactory. The MIT and ČEZ sign a memorandum

The Ministry of Industry and Trade and ČEZ have signed a Memorandum on the preparation of a project for a factory that makes battery cells for electric cars, known as Gigafactory. The documents set out the basic conditions for establishing the factory and form a foundation for an agreement with other potential investors in the company, in which a representative of the automotive industry and a battery manufacturer would also be involved, in addition to ČEZ. An investment in the project, which has an annual production capacity of 40 GWh, will amount to at least CZK 52 bn, and 2,300 jobs should be created.

23. 6. 2021

The country’s largest parking complex with a photovoltaic power plant built at the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant

Power engineers have completed construction of the country’s largest photovoltaic power plant that serves as a car park roof, known as carport. Double-sided panels were used, where the bottom side uses light rays reflected from the parked cars. With a capacity of 831 kWp, this new zero-emission source generates approximately 850 MWh of electricity per year, which covers the annual consumption of nearly three hundred households.

20. 5. 2021

ČEZ Presents Clean Energy of Tomorrow: Its Production Portfolio Is To Be Rebuilt to Low Emissions by 2030

ČEZ has intensified its transition to future emission-free energy. This is in line with its strategy that primarily aims at transforming its production portfolio to low emissions by 2030, becoming carbon neutral by 2050, and offering the best energy solutions and customs experience in the market. Vision 2030, referred to as the Clean Energy of Tomorrow, confirms CEZ Group’s ambition to be a leader in sustainable development in the Czech Republic as well as in the entire Central Europe.